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432 pages (planned)
Published by Mandarake

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Q24 - Is the catalog available in any other languages?
A24 - The physical copy of the catalog is in Japanese only (although there is a small section on the bidding process that is written in English). An English translation for some of the popular items is provided on the left of the main Zenbu page, as well some as important information about them. Click the pictures for more details.
Q25 - I want to get the catalog as soon as possible. Which store should I go to?
A25 - Our Nakano store usually gets the catalog a few days before its scheduled release date, so please contact the store directly. Other Mandarake stores receive their copies afterward. Regular bookstores release their copies on the 10th every other month (February, April, June, August, October, December), but this may vary depending on the store and region.
Q26 - What is the next special feature going to be?
A26 - Mandarake Zenbu 89 (scheduled for release on October 10, 2018) will have a Fujio F. Fujiko and Chogokin special feature. (subject to change)
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  • King Kong

    Japan's first post-war King Kong tin toy

  • Ice Cream Vendor

    This box is very rare

  • Two Racehorses with Jockeys

    Fantastic toy made during the occupation of Japan

  • Sambo the Minstrel Man

    Plays the guitar while shaking his head to the side.

  • Happy Life - Polka Dot Parasol

    A best-selling toy

  • Crawling Baby

    Crawls around after being wound up

  • Arty The Trapeze Artist

    A toy from Toyland

  • Lucky Clown Gypsy Dancer


  • Tumbling Monky (Monkey)


  • Harlem Strutter


  • News Boy

    Nikko Gangu and Nomura Toy

  • Toy Scales

    Koukyu Shoukai

  • The Train With Whistle - Green

    Made during the occupation of Japan

  • Trolley Bus

    Made during the occupation of Japan

  • Happy Racing Car

    Made during the occupation of Japan

  • Road Car

    Made during the occupation of Japan

  • New Sparkling Tank

    Made during the occupation of Japan

  • Cobra Rattler (Ground Attack Jet)

    Opened, unused with pilot

  • Negro: Cobra Comandante

    Brazilian version, made by Estrela

  • Dusty: Desert Trooper

    1985, 36 back, assort no. 6115

  • Destro: Enemy Weapons Supplier

    1983, 32 back

  • Dreadnok Ground Assault


  • GI Joe - Japan Version Set

    1986 set made by Takara

  • Transportable Tactical Battle Platform


  • Assault Copter Dragonfly (XH-1)

    With pilot

  • Hammerhead

    With driver

  • Osamu Tezuka Hand-drawn Undiscovered Raw Manuscript

    Estimated to have been drawn between 1945 and 1947

  • Osamu Tezuka Hand-drawn Color Manuscript

    Zero Man (0 Man)

  • Shotaro Ishinomori Hand-drawn Shikishi

    Sandara Bocchi

  • Shigeru Mizuki Hand-Drawn Color Illustration

    The lineart is printed, just the coloring is hand-drawn

  • Kazuichi Hanawa Hand-Drawn Color Shikishi


  • Jiro Kuwata Hand-drawn Manuscript

    Phantom Detective

  • Goseki Kojima Hand-Drawn Color Shikishi

    Large size

  • Mikiya Mochizuki Hand-drawn Color Manuscript

    Saizensen (Front Line)

  • Akira Toriyama Hand-Drawn Shikishi

    Dragon Ball and Dr Slump

  • Gosho Aoyama Color Reproduction Shikishi

    Signed by Detective Conan (Case Closed) voice actors

  • Yoshikazu Yasuhiko Hand-Drawn Color Postcard

    Char and Amuro

  • Twin Box Hand-Drawn Color Shikishi


  • Toshio Okazaki Hand-Drawn Color Illustration

    Wakusei Robo Danguard Ace

  • Dirty Matsumoto Hand-Drawn Color Illustration

    An illustration where you feel like you're there

  • Kappei Yamaguchi Signed Inuyasha Pamphlet

    Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi

  • Four Goddesses Online Voice Actor Autographed Shikishi

    Extra large size

  • My Neighbor Totoro Cel

    Satsuki, dad (Tatsuo) and Mei

  • Astro Boy (Tetsuwan Atom) Cel

    Episode 24 - The Greatest Robot in the World Prequel

  • 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother Reference Genga

    Hand-drawn: Hayao Miyazaki

  • Cowboy Bebop Hanken Cel

    Used in a poster for New Type

  • Laputa: Castle in the Sky Rough Genga

    Hand-drawn: Hayao Miyazaki

  • Urusei Yatsura Cel


  • Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Cel

    Used for test shot

  • Laputa: Castle in the Sky Cel

    Used for test shot

  • Dragon Ball Z Cel


  • Neon Genesis Evangelion Genga

    Episode 5 - Rei, Beyond Her Heart

  • Aesop Manga

    Post-war book censored by GHQ, reverse version that opens on the left

  • Seven Color Mask Complete 10 Volume Set

    Comicalisation of the TV tokusatsu drama. Kazuo Murayama / Ichiro Kudo

  • Hokkai no Hanran

    Manei Shuppansha's movie manga series, Tetsuhiro Wakabayashi

  • Kuro-Obi Sangokushi - Ketto Tomoenage

    Manei Shuppansha's movie manga series, Meirou Tsuno

  • Yoshito Tsukimiya Period Manga Series

    Yoshito Tsukimiya, Tokyo Top-sha (sold separately)

  • Hebitaro Series Complete 4 Volume Set

    One of Yoshito Tsukimiya's keyworks. Tokosha

  • X Volume 1

    Suzuki Publishing anthology of detective manga books

  • Manako Volume 1

    Kinensha anthology, long running detective thriller manga

  • Sansei Comics

    Tokyo Sanseisha's adult comics (sold separately)

  • Gakuen Porno-Den Complete 12 Volume Set

    Sun Shuppan's adult comics, Comic Pet

  • Datenshi Gashuu Complete 12 Volume Set

    Sun Shuppan's adult comics, Comic Pet

  • Satan Comics Complete 8 Volume Set

    Sun Shuppan's adult comics, Comic Pet

  • Black Eros Complete 10 Volume Set

    Sun Shuppan's adult comics, Comic Pet

  • Shonen Gaho - Showa 27-28 (1952-53)

    Vintage magazine collection

  • Boken-Oh Showa 47 (1972)

    Vintage magazine collection

  • Special Feature - Sports Manga Supplements

    Sumo wrestling, karate, judo, baseball and more

  • Mazinger Z Complete 42 Type Set

    Marusho's mini cards

  • Isao Okaba Bisque Art Doll

    Finished with outstanding beauty

  • Doronuma ni Saku Hasu

    September 2010. The 5th Nin-Gyouten Shuppin. 31st work.

  • Kamifurano

    Name plate

  • Nakafurano

    Name plate

  • Nitanai

    Name plate

  • Hizume

    Name plate

  • Shibutami

    Name plate

  • 330 P2 Ferrari

    Plastic model

  • Porsche 906/916

    Plastic model

  • McLaren Elva

    Plastic model

  • Lola T70 AT406 6v Ball Bearing Motor

    Plastic model

  • Ferrari 250 GTO/64

    Plastic model

  • Omoikkiri Tanteidan Hadogumi

    Mantenro no Hiro / Shonen Iro no Meruhen

  • Mahou Shoujo Chuuka na Ipanema! (The Good Little Witch Returns!)

    Tamago yori Muzukashii / Yasashii Hashira Dokei

  • German Tanteidan Maringumi

    Question no Boken (A) / Akogare Mystery (B)

  • Mahou Shoujo Chuuka na Paipai! (The Good Little Witch Paipai!)

    Ano Musume ga Machi ni Yattekita (A) / Hoshizora no Diary (b)

  • Utau! Dai Ryugujo

    Ryugujo de Shoo Be Doo Wa / Kanashimi to Akikan and others

  • Sailor Fuku Shikijou Shiiku Poster

    Kazumi Kawai

  • Porco Rosso Poster

    Soundtrack bonus item

  • Karate Bearfighter Poster

    1975, starring Shinichi Sonny Chiba

  • Pepeko to Charkou no Natsuyasumi

    Shojo no Tomo appendix

  • Ita Choco Sanningumi

    Shojo no Tomo appendix

  • Chichuuma

    Unno Juza

  • Photographs


  • Coo 11 Flip Book - The Room


  • Mogura No. 4

    Has the names of Mitsuru Adachi and Shingo Araki

  • ● Occupied Japan Special Feature

    The first step for Japan after losing the war. A world of items made from familiar materials such as celluloid, tin, wood and ceramic.

  • ● GI Joe

    3.75 inch series out since 1982, figures, vehicles, playsets; about 200 items in total!

  • ● Animation Cels and Anime Gengas

    Studio Ghibli, Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Ball, Rumiko Takahashi's work and Evangelion!
    Plenty of top quality cels and anime gengas from many different titles.

  • ● Hand-drawn Illustrations, Shikishi and Manuscripts

    Osamu Tezuka's newly discovered manuscript, hand-drawn manuscripts, shikishi, signed books, anime gengas. Vintage works from Fujiko, Ishimori, Mizuki among others. Items from popular artists such as Akira Toriyama and Rumiko Takahashi and animators such as Yoshikazu Yasuhiko. All this and so much more, this issue will leave you more than satisfied.

  • ● Dolls

    Immersive works from artists such as Isao Okaba.

  • ● Tankobon (Single Volume Books)

    Seven Color Mask set, part two of our special feature on Manei Shuppansha's movie manga series, Yoshito Tsukimiya periodical manga special feature, and many other items such as rare Kashi-hon.

  • ● New Size Books

    Sansei Comics , Sun Shuppan Comic Pet ・ adult comics such as Joy Comics.

  • ● Vintage Comic Magazines and Supplements

    Part three of our special feature on Bouken Katsugeki Bunko (Shonen Gaho), Showa 27-28 edition.
    Next will be Boken-Oh from Showa 47 (1972).
    Sports manga supplement special feature.

  • ● Doujinshi

    Lots of appealing male, female and reference doujinshi.

  • ● Cards

    Complete 42 type set of Marusho's Mazinger Z mini card set.

  • ● Voice Actor Goods

    Signed goods from today's popular voice actors and revered veterans.

  • ● Kaiba and Other Books

    A special feature of artist Katsuji Matsumoto with over 20 items.
    Books from well known creators such as Unno Juza, Shigeru Hatsuyama and Shigeru Kayama, as well as many other photograph books, spiritual world items and more.

  • ● Posters

    Showa Niji no Omoide Hyoryuuki
    Kazumi Kawai, Naomi Tani, adult movie posters.
    Hissatsu Shigotonin, Karate Bearfighter, Champion of Death and more.Also a huge load of Ghibli posters and calendars!

  • ● Records and Cassettes

    Omoikkiri Tanteidan Hadogumi - Mantenro no Hiro / Shonen Iro no Meruhen.
    Mahou Shoujo Chuuka na Ipanema! (The Good Little Witch Returns!) - Tamago Yori Muzukashii / Yasashii Hashira Dokei.
    German Tanteidan Maringumi - Question no Boken (A) / Akogare Mystery (B).Utau! Dai Ryugujo - Ryugujo de Shoo Be Doo Wa / Kanashimi to Akikan and others.

  • ● Vehicle Goods

    Slot car special feature.
    330 P2 Ferrari, Porsche 906/916.
    McLaren Elva, Lola T70 AT406 6v Ball Bearing motor.Ferrari 250 GT0 / 64 and others.

  • ● Railway Goods

    Many name plates for stations in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Sanin, and Kyushu.